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Crime notes: Assaults and burglaries, briefly

A: Assaults, B: Burglaries
A: Assaults, B: Burglaries

SeattleCrime has details of two assaults and attempted robberies of students that occurred within fifteen minutes and within blocks of each other and of the light rail station in the afternoon of December 1st. Both led off with a request to borrow a cellphone.

SeattleCrime has also published some more information about the suspect apprehended December 2nd after kicking in the door of an occupied condominium and, instead of fleeing entirely, broke into another… where he raided the fridge, used the facilities, and passed out under a bed.

* * *

Additional burglaries reported recently on the BAN list and via BHNW scanner logs:

  • Monday, 18th and Bayview — only prescription drugs and spare change stolen
  • Today, 32nd and Chicago