Beacon Bits: Wong well-wishes, chief search, found dog

Get-well card for Wah Wong and family
Get-well wishes for Wah Wong and family posted outside the Jade West Cafe in West Seattle. Photo courtesy West Seattle Blog.

Wah Wong, the proprietor of the Jade West Cafe in West Seattle, who was injured in the DUI Corvette incident last week, has been released from Harborview. His son, Jason, is still in the hospital, reportedly in satisfactory condition — West Seattle Blog

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El Centro’s Roberto Maestas has been appointed to Mayor-elect McGinn’s Police Chief Search Committee.

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A lost dog followed Jennie home. She writes:

Today a young, male American Staffordshire Terrier (possible mix) followed me and my dog home. We found him near the library. He is mostly white with some brindle spots on his back and ear and has bright ice white-blue eyes. He’s very friendly.

He has no tags and the veterinarian found no ID chip. She’ll be calling Animal Control soon, but if you recognize this dog by description, please call 206-971-6028.

2 thoughts on “Beacon Bits: Wong well-wishes, chief search, found dog”

  1. That can’t seriously be the list of people charged with finding a new police chief, can it? Ugh! Where is the Belltown representation? CD representation? U-district representation? UW or other campus representation? No representation from KC sheriff’s office? No retired SPD? No former City Attorney (Mark Sidran, where are you?) Only one current or former prosecutor (Satterburg), only one city council member and only a former Mayor’s office official (Levinson). The council representation couldn’t even be the one former Police officer (Burgess)? This is for the actual Police Chief position, right? This is going to be an interesting four years. Ugh again!

  2. I saw the found dog had made it to the
    Seattle Animal Shelter. Hopefully someone will claim him soon. 206-386-7387.

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