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Crime notes: Middle school emergency management, Police Academy XII, bad JitB

“He called me from a school phone to tell me that he was going to stay late to finish his math test. I waited, then noticed none of the other kids were coming out.” Beacon Hill neighbor (and frequent BHB photography contributor) Bridget Christian and her son had a frightening experience yesterday, when Washington Middle School was put under a “shelter in place” (similar to a lockdown) after a man in the area called in a threat to kill kids. You can read her story on Flickr.

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DOA, CSI, I&R and more explained. The Seattle Police Department is now taking applications for the Community Police Academy, an evening class starting Thursday, March 18th, 2010 once a week for 10 weeks.

From the SPD Blotter:

The Community Police Academy is designed to provide Seattle residents with an opportunity to learn firsthand about the job of a police officer and how the Seattle Police Department works. Classes focus on patrol procedures and operations, internal investigations, the criminal justice process, crime scene investigation, bias crimes, narcotics, SWAT, use of force, defensive tactics, firearms/mock scenes, domestic violence, elder abuse, and arrest procedures.

Apply early as space is limited. Applications must be submitted by Friday, January 29th. Visit the SPD Police Academy website or call 206-684-8672 for more details.

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3am taco and jalapeno popper craving? SeattleCrime.com has a feature on our nearest Jack In The Box, “The Worst Jack In the Box In the Country”.

Beacon Bits: Wong well-wishes, chief search, found dog

Get-well card for Wah Wong and family
Get-well wishes for Wah Wong and family posted outside the Jade West Cafe in West Seattle. Photo courtesy West Seattle Blog.

Wah Wong, the proprietor of the Jade West Cafe in West Seattle, who was injured in the DUI Corvette incident last week, has been released from Harborview. His son, Jason, is still in the hospital, reportedly in satisfactory condition — West Seattle Blog

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El Centro’s Roberto Maestas has been appointed to Mayor-elect McGinn’s Police Chief Search Committee.

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A lost dog followed Jennie home. She writes:

Today a young, male American Staffordshire Terrier (possible mix) followed me and my dog home. We found him near the library. He is mostly white with some brindle spots on his back and ear and has bright ice white-blue eyes. He’s very friendly.

He has no tags and the veterinarian found no ID chip. She’ll be calling Animal Control soon, but if you recognize this dog by description, please call 206-971-6028.

South Precinct: Adiós Capt. Liggins, hello Capt. Emerick

Captain Dave Emerick, new commander of the SPD South Precinct. Photo courtesy SPD.
Captain Dave Emerick, new commander of the SPD South Precinct. Photo courtesy SPD.
A big shake up in the command-level of the Seattle Police Department was announced this morning. Of relevance to Beacon Hill and other areas in the South Precinct:

Captain Dave Emerick, a 25-year veteran of the police force, is leaving the Violent Crimes Section to become the new South Precinct commander. Captain Emerick will lead approximately 83 officers assigned to Patrol Operations, including a Community Police Team and a plain-clothes Anti-Crime Team. Captain Emerick has previously served in the Gang Unit, Narcotics Section, Homicide Unit and Harbor Patrol. This will be Captain Emerick’s first precinct command.

Captain Les Liggins, a 24-year veteran, is departing the South Precinct to assume command of the Narcotics Section, where he will oversee three squads of detectives and the Drug Court Liaison. Captain Liggins brings to the assignment experience leading the Metropolitan Section (SWAT, Mounted Patrol, and K9 Patrol), Fraud, Forgery and Financial Exploitation, Auto Theft, and Audit Accreditation and Policy.

For more details on other changes in the SPD command structure, see the this article on the SPDBlotter.

South Precinct crime trends report released

SPDs South Precinct major crimes by month
SPD's South Precinct major crimes by month, click for full graph in PDF
SPD just released crime trend reports for all precincts recently. Some highlights from the South Precinct PDF report.

The top-line summary:

…there has been an overall increase in Major Crimes in South Precinct for the first four months of 2009, when compared with the same period in 2008. Robberies and aggravated assaults in South are both up through April in 2009, when compared with 2008, resulting in an overall increase in Violent Crimes.

Among Property Crimes, larceny/thefts have increased from the same period a year ago. Burglaries and vehicle thefts, on the other hand, are at the same level in 2009 through April as they were in 2008 in South Precinct.

SPDs South Precinct major crime trends
SPD's South Precinct major crime trends, click for full graph in PDF

…despite increases in specific crimes, the trend line for crime in South Precinct is downward, with total Major Crimes declining each month in 2009 compared to the previous month and falling below the monthly April total from 2008. This is a different pattern from that seen in 2008, when Major Crimes increased in each of the first four months of the year.

Comparative, historical precinct stats are also available for each month individually as PDF and Excel files. We’ve also made them available as Google Docs spreadsheets.