New alehouse coming to former ROCKiT space

Soon, this space may be serving suds instead of sounds. Photo of the old ROCKiT space site by Jason.
Well, this is news, particularly in the context of last week’s post,“Beacon Hill most needs beer bar?”. A comment from “Melissa & Robert” on that post said “ask and you shall receive… something is fermenting. anticipate suds flowing in June.” Something does indeed appear to be fermenting: A new liquor license application has been made for Tippe and Drague Alehouse at 3315 Beacon Avenue South. That is the former ROCKiT space (and previously, Buggy) location.

The applicants are Tippe and Drague LLC, Melissa Cabal and Robert McConaughy. The license type applied for is “direct shipment receiver” (which will allow them to buy beer and/or wine from federally certified wineries or breweries) and “restaurant – beer and wine” (which will allow them to sell beer and wine for on-premises consumption in conjunction with food sales). The license number is 407765.

As with all liquor license applications, if you wish to comment on the application to the Liquor Control Board, you can e-mail

A new pizzeria, Bar del Corso, is also planning to open this summer just a couple of blocks north of the alehouse.

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  1. This is great news. I think they’ll find a thirsty market here. I’m hoping for some decent food and an all-ages seating area.

  2. This is great news. I was wondering what was going into the Rockit Space location, having not seen any ads for the space. I’ll patiently wait now that there is a commitment, but I am very curious to know what the model is; Beer/wine, full bar (it looks like just beer/wine from the license description), all ages, 21-over, snacks, pub food, full menu, gastropub, TVs, music, games, etc. I have my preference, but I’ll take whatever these fine folks are willing to give us with their investment. I’m looking forward to that first pint.

  3. Yes! My wife and I are new to Beacon Hill – since fall – loving it, and wishing for “a place to get a beer”.

  4. Thanks for the enthusiam and your support! We appreciate and welcome the input. Many steps have yet to occur with an early summer anticipated opening. We look forward to being a vital part of the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

  5. Fantastic news. Just what we were hoping for! Lots of young families w/ kids nearby. Here’s double hoping the owners will allow them in…

  6. WOW, this seems like it could also be a good venue for live music. Things are looking up for Beacon Hill this summer.

  7. Yay!!! Super excited to hear that! Hope it’s a family friendly place during the afternoons and early evenings…. Or at least has a section where families can go.

  8. Very exciting and great news! I’m so excited and promise to be a good customer, especially if a nice menu and good ales are the focus.

  9. I hope it is NOT family friendly. I can’t stand going to bars/brewpubs/restaurants full of screaming, crying kids running around whose parents are too clueless to actually keep their kids under control. Crying babies turn my stomach. If there are no kids, I’ll be a regular!

  10. Good news to hear a new place to get a drink will soon be on Beacon Hill, but I hope it is NOT family friendly. I want a real bar walking distance from my house. Every establishment on Beacon Hill which sells alcohol is already family-friendly and another family-friendly beer/wine selling establishment is on its way.

  11. Mr. Tipp and Melissa, I sincerely hope this venture works well. I look forward to sampling the wares at your fine establishment!
    Mr. Drague

  12. It’s a about time the BEHI diversify from an overbundance of nail and hair salons! I am very excited for Tippe and Drague LLC, and Bar Del Corso! I hope this is the beginning of a new economic horizon for the BEHI!

  13. I agree with Hope and Pat, leave the new pizza place for the families and save the pub for the adults.

  14. So excited! There is such a need up there… I hope lots of people will come out in support of both businesses. Cheers!

  15. I’m late in posting, but in case the owners are reading the comments, I also agree that BeHi needs an adult-only pub. My partner and I will be regulars! Probably not so much if there are kids.

  16. This is such exciting news for a great neighborhood with community spirit. Tippe and Drague will be my choice for grabbing a brew, having a bite to eat and socializing with friends.

  17. Any update on the alehouse?
    I just learned about it recently and am soooo excited!

  18. We’ve been very happy about Bar Del Corso and Travelers and are eager for this place to open too! Any more news on opening date?

  19. I’m not anti-children, but I am hoping this pub stays adults-only. I’d like to be able to meet friends for a beer, relax, and grouse about work/politics (which could possibly include a few choice swear-words — and not have to worry about stinging any young’uns ears). I’m too old for the Capitol Hill/Belltown bar scene. And I’ve been liking my free nights in Georgetown and Columbia City, but am eager to start spending my $$ here on the Hill. Overall, I’m delighted to have some dinner choices in our area now!

  20. I’m always surprised when people think that as a parent I’m concerned about keeping my kid from hearing swear words and grumbling about work and politics. That’s exactly the sort of thing I like him being exposed to so he doesn’t grow up in a Chuckie Cheese fantasy world that makes him ill-prepared for adulthood. Even when he was younger we never let him run around in restaurants like they were daycares, and I have as much disdain for parents who do as anyone else in these comments does.

  21. Wow–hadn’t read these comments and I’m kind of glad. No one I know/like/respect as a parent wants to hang out anywhere (including our own homes) where kids “run around screaming”. I also don’t enjoy hanging out in frat bars, or in general anywhere any demographic is acting like jackasses.

    Family friendly in our family means that we’ll all act like civilized members of society and spend money and time with our neighbors. I don’t care about salty language and I certainly don’t expect anyone to censor themselves because my kid is around.

    Everywhere in Europe–especially notable in Spain & Italy–people of all ages coexist and mingle in all locations. Public transport, public spaces, business, etc. Kids are treated like members of society and–shockingly–learn to behave like members of society.

    There’s no reason that can’t happen in Beacon Hill.

  22. Why are parents always so quick to get offended? Sometimes adults would like a bar that doesn’t include children. Cause, well, it’s a BAR! The drinking of alcohol features pretty dominantly, ya know? And yeah, there are pubs that allow kids and that’s fine, it would be great to have both options available in the neighborhood. Though why it is important to take your kids to a bar, I’ll never know. There are plenty of restuarants that serve alcohol where you can prove that your kids are well behaved. I’d be happy to join you for dinner at one of those establishments and curse like a sailor for the edification of your children.

  23. I’m not especially “offended” although I could see why other parents might be offended by the types of stereoptypes about parents and families that are either implied in some of these comments, or stated outright as in comment number 15. And considering that I watched these comments over almost five months between when I first posted and when I responded, I wouldn’t say that there was anything “quick” about it either.

    The way I look at it, we’re still suffering the effects of stupid 19th century battles over “demon rum” and the 1920’s era of prohibition. The liquor laws in this country come from moral prudery and a Victorian cult of childhood innocence that is neither based in reality nor healthy for the culture. Hiding drinking from kids isn’t about just protecting them from seeing it, it’s also about a bunch of long dead prohibitionists trying to make adults feel ashamed for doing it.

    But I don’t expect the US to work through its neuroses about all of this any time soon. So whatever.

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