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Gunfire last night, no injuries reported

Around 11:30 last night, numerous shots were fired in the 5400 block of 23rd Avenue South, just off Beacon Avenue South.

The SPD Blotter reports:

On November 2nd at 11:30 PM South Precinct officers responded to numerous calls that multiple shots were fired in the area of 5400 23rd S. Officers found over 20 shell casings in the roadway and 6+ bullets and fragments inside a nearby residence. No one inside could give a reason as to why their house was targeted. A car that matched the description of one used in an earlier shooting was parked outside the house. Officers located the owner, got a consent to search the car, and found a gun and drugs in the trunk.

The goings-on at the house fired upon have previously been an issue with nearby residents.

The Rainier Valley Post also has a report.

Thanks to Katrina on the mailing list for the alert.

Daylight break-ins and a safety warning

Kam Yee wrote to tell us:

Our neighbor’s and our house both got broken into last week. I wanted this group to know because both houses were robbed midday when we stay at home moms took our baby out for errands. Our homes are near Macpherson’s Fruit Stand and Maple School. I don’t want to be a fear mongerer, but thought I should warn you as the robbers seem to target during broad daylight when you take baby out for a few hours. During the couple of hours we were out, they have broke in through the basement window and effectively stole our electronics and jewelry. We suspect multiple accomplices watching until we left the house and had a lookout waiting for our return. Luckily we were not hurt.

The police reminded us the if you have any reasons to believe you have or had intruders to get out of the house and call 911. Wait outside or at a neighbor’s even if it takes the officers a long time to arrive. You should never search your house without an armed officer.

This safety warning is a good thing to keep in mind. I admit that if I came home to signs of a break-in I’d be tempted to go in and look around the house, but this is a Bad Idea. Call 911 first.

Kam, thanks for emailing us; we are sorry your house was broken into, but very glad no one was hurt.

Accused “Beacon Hill Groper” freed

The man suspected of being the “Beacon Hill Groper” is being freed on probation, after the victim best able to identify her attacker chose not to testify.

Darin L. Bolar, 42, was sentenced to five months in King County Jail for first degree theft and misdemeanor assault against a man who reportedly witnessed Bolar groping a woman on Rainier Avenue earlier this year. However, the woman refused to testify, and without such testimony, police are unable to link Bolar to any of the 25 sexual assaults that occurred in the Beacon Hill and Rainier Valley areas, beginning in 2006. None of the other victims were able to identify Bolar.

Bolar, a registered Level 1 sex offender, was given credit for the time already served and will be freed on two years’ probation, under condition that he completes a sexual deviancy evaluation and treatment program and stays out of trouble.

The “Beacon Hill Groper” cases involved the assault of 25 ethnically Asian girls and women, typically walking down the street or waiting at bus stops. The attacks became bolder and more aggressive over time, and caused substantial fear among Southeast Seattle residents.

For more, see the coverage at KOMO and the P-I.

Street robbery suspects arrested

Two suspects were arrested this morning for a street robbery that occurred just after 2:00 am in the 6200 block of Beacon Avenue South. Two adult males reported an attempted robbery in which one of the suspects displayed a revolver. The suspects fled into a residence on the same block. Police surrounded the house, and found 10 people inside, including two that were positively identified by the victims. The gun was found and turned out to be stolen.

The suspects, one of which was a juvenile, were booked for Investigation of Robbery and Violation of the Uniform Firearms Act.

Via the SPD, and the Rainier Valley Post, who are practically the Beacon Hill Post today!)

Car break-in at 17th and College

Reported this evening on the Beacon Hill mailing list: a car break-in at 17th and College. Apparently 3 juveniles have been casing the neighborhood cars lately, so keep your eyes open and don’t leave valuables in your vehicle. Remember, if you see anything wrong, call the police and 911 in particular; the SPD uses these calls to determine service levels in the area, so they need to hear from you, even if you think that they won’t be able to help.

Shooting at 16th and Spokane

A flurry of posts on the neighborhood mailing list Sunday reported hearing gunshots in the area of 16th Ave S. and S. Spokane early Sunday morning. The P-I has the details: a 17 year old was shot in the leg after he and his girlfriend “exchanged words” (sounds so civilized, doesn’t it?) with the occupants of an SUV. As of yet, the SUV and its occupants have not been found.

Thanks to Ezra Klug for pointing us to the P-I report!