Beacon Reservoir Gatehouse to be mothballed

Seattle Public Utilities released the statement below on the landmark-nominated Beacon Reservoir Gatehouse at Jefferson Park.

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has determined, through rigorous business case analysis, that the most cost-effective solution for the Beacon Hill Reservoir Gatehouse is to mothball the building and perform routine maintenance as required in its mothballed condition.

The mothballing approach preserves the opportunity for making future improvements to the gatehouse. It mainly consists of safe removal of dangerous lead-containing coating on the exterior walls and applying a new application of aesthetic paints around the gatehouse.

SPU will review the gatehouse mothball status as part of its routine three-year maintenance planning cycle.

Mothballing tasks will begin in early 2011, in coordination with the Parks Department Jefferson Park project team.

4 thoughts on “Beacon Reservoir Gatehouse to be mothballed”

  1. It’s great news that the gatehouse is not getting demolished and that it will get some maintanence and love. The gatehouse already looks so much better with the grafitti painted out. Thanks to everyone who wrote in and signed our letter of support. It really helped to convince SPU to reconsider demolition to see the support of the neighborhood. We’ll continue to work with SPU and the Parks department to keep the gatehouse in the plan and in the park.

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