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Mustachioed robber fails at armed robbery reports that an armed and mustachioed robber confronted a Beacon Hill store owner Sunday night, but didn’t get the cash he was after.

According to KOMO, “A Beacon Hill convenience store owner watched as a man applied a fake mustache outside his store, walked inside and then proceeded to fail at robbing him at gunpoint.”

The owner of the store in the 4500 block of 15th Avenue South left the store and told the robber to “take it all,” but the robber left without the loot as the owner watched from outside.

Read more at KOMO.

Man shot on Columbian Way

A man was shot yesterday in the 2400 block of South Columbian Way, and is now in Harborview with life-threatening injuries.

According to Seattle Police, officers responded to a 911 call at about 5:39 p.m. on Monday evening and found that a 38-year-old man had been confronted in front of his house by a gunman who then shot him multiple times and ran off to the east.

Police searched the area but were unable to find the suspect. The investigation continues. Anyone with any information about this incident is requested to call 911 or Seattle Police. Anonymous tips are welcome.

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Neighbors report break-ins and suspicious cars

There have been a few vehicle break-ins lately as well as a suspicious car driving around the neighborhood.

Neighbor Rosie wrote to send a video of two men burglarizing her husband’s work van. She says,

“This happened early Saturday (Jan 26th) at 5:40 a.m. We got the footage from our security camera and have given it to the police but are hoping that the neighborhood community could also keep an eye out. We believe they backed up to the van and loaded everything into the back or bed of a truck. We have multiple shots from a 20 minute period of time where they came and surveyed the van, somehow got in, and eventually made off with lot of plumbing tools. This robbery took place on North Beacon Hill at the cross streets of 13th Ave and So Hill St. Any help or assistance in any way would be much appreciated. My email address is”

Here is the video.

Another neighbor, Jessica, writes:

“Seems as if there have been some car break-ins around the 39XX block of 14th Ave S.

“My car was broken into and stuff was tossed around and the only thing they actually took was a book of 10 year old CD’s that were in my trunk. My husband and neighbor both got their cars broken into about a week later (this week) nothing appears to have been taken but things were tossed around significantly. Another neighbor said he noticed a later model silver Volvo in the area and the passengers of the vehicle sped off when they saw him as he was going to work in the early morning.”

It’s funny that she mentions a silver car, because folks on the Beacon Hill mailing list last week were discussing suspicious activity by a silver 4-door sedan. According to one neighbor, the car was driving between Orcas and Lucille on the west side of Beacon Avenue, “moving slowly through the streets and making multiple passes.” He spoke with the car’s occupants, and the driver claimed to be a teacher from a driving school on Beacon Hill. However, apparently the car is not one used by the driving school, and the driver does not work there.

Police: South Beacon house fire was arson

A house fire in the 2900 block of South Austin Street in South Beacon Hill yesterday afternoon was an arson that started as a domestic disturbance, according to Seattle Police.

Police say that an adult male argued with his girlfriend and then assaulted her. He then went into a back room and set the house on fire before fleeing the scene. None of the eight people inside the home were injured in the conflagration. The suspect is still at large; police are investigating. has a photo and video footage of the fire.

Car vs. house at 15th and Orcas

A teenaged driver crashed a Honda automobile into the first floor of an occupied house on Friday night at 15th Avenue South and South Orcas Street. Luckily, no one was injured in the collision, including the home’s residents and the three passengers who were in the car along with the driver.

According to Seattle Police, the young driver showed “obvious signs of impairment due to drugs.” A Drug Recognition Officer was called to the scene to assess the situation and the driver was then arrested for suspicion of DUI. He was taken to Harborview for a blood draw, then released pending lab results.

Thanks to neighbor Patrick Payne for these photos of the scene.

Photo by Patrick Payne.
Photo by Patrick Payne.
Photo by Patrick Payne.
Photo by Patrick Payne.

Reader writes: Burglars strike Mid-Beacon Hill home — for the second time

Neighbor Greg writes this warning:

“Just wanted to alert everyone about a morning burglary on Beacon Ave South. It was 8:30 am on Thursday the 3rd, the downstairs/basement apartment at 4946 Beacon Ave S. I live on the main floor apartment, heard noise and jumped up out of bed. Burglars must have heard me moving around and I saw two men exit into the alley that runs from Dawson St. to South Ferdinand St. Police were there shortly thereafter, but too late to grab anyone. Second time this house was hit in 6 months. Again just wanted to warn anyone headed to work early in the morning to make sure you’re all locked up and to keep an eye out.”

SPD Outreach Conversations come to Jefferson Community Center

Safe CommunitiesJefferson Community Center will be hosting two small group “Outreach Conversations” on January 9 and 17, led by the Seattle Police Department as part of SPD’s Safe Communities initiative. This is Phase II of the outreach project; in Phase I, large precinct-based community meetings were held. The South Precinct meeting, at South Shore K-8 School on October 29, resulted in this community feedback.

Phase III will be a precinct-based “summit” meeting in March 2013, with delegates chosen from attendees at the Phase II meeting. Phase IV, in May, will conclude the process with a report to the community based on the earlier discussions, and identification of the next steps in creating safer neighborhoods by engaging with the community.

The small group meetings will be held at Jefferson Community Center (3801 Beacon Ave. S.) on Wednesday, January 9 and Thursday, January 17 at 7 p.m. Space is limited for both meetings and sign up is required. To sign up, call Jefferson Community Center at 206-684-7481.

Unlucky neighbors burgled twice in December

Neighbor Alice writes:

“I wanted to get the word out that our house has been broken into two times this month. The first time was during the day, while we were out. The second time was while we were out of town for the holidays. The police think it was the same perpetrators and are working to make connections between the robberies. Both times, they took computers and jewelry.

“I’d like to get this info out to the Beacon Hill neighborhood, and also learn if other people have experienced similar crime. We live near Graham and 23rd S.”

Any BHB readers have information to contribute?

Parking conflict leads to garbage dumping

This very unneighborly pile of trash was left on a neighbor’s car Friday night.

A neighbor wrote to tell us about a disturbing experience she had on Friday evening. I’ll let her tell the story (posted anonymously by her request):

Today I was arriving home from work shortly before 5pm, heading north on 14th Ave (near Atlantic). I noticed an available street parking spot near our house, on the right side of the street, so I slowed down and pulled into it. A car in the southbound lane was stopped with a left blinker on, presumably turning into a driveway. When I pulled into the parking spot, I could hear yelling from the guy in the turning car. I didn’t really figure out why until he turned into the driveway directly behind me, turned around and drove off. Apparently he wanted that parking spot and was trying to claim it. I recognized his car from seeing it parked in the vicinity, including when it was parked in a street spot for 5 straight days and eventually got towed.

Later on this evening, one of our neighbors knocked on our door to tell us they noticed someone had dumped trash onto the hood of my car. I went out to see for myself, and sure enough, there was gross garbage strewn all over my car — including compost waste and diapers. Lovely. I can only imagine he brought this garbage from his home, since our garbage pick up happened yesterday morning and most people’s cans aren’t on the sidewalks.

I attached a picture I took of my car with the garbage surprise. I’m hoping you post this anonymously, but wanted to send fair warning to my other neighbors about our sociopathic neighbor, and to tell others to keep an eye out for any foul play going on.

This is Beacon Hill, not Capitol Hill. Are any parking spots really that hard to come by?

Two men arrested in North Beacon Hill robbery case

by Kiersten Throndsen, KOMO Communities
(Beacon Hill Blog news partners)

Police have arrested two men in connection with a violent robbery in a North Beacon Hill home last month.

The original incident happened on November 29, near 23rd Avenue South and South College Street. Police say three men knocked on the door of the home and asked the resident if they could buy some marijuana. The three suspects were reportedly allowed inside the home and that’s when things turned violent.

According to police, one of the suspects punched the resident in the face and pulled out a handgun, firing a shot. Another resident was home at the time and heard the shot. Police say he armed himself with a shotgun and came out of the back bedroom of the home. Gunfire was exchanged between the resident and the suspect, with one of the shots hitting the resident in the leg.

Police say all three suspects fled the home before officers arrived.

The 24-year-old victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Detectives arrested a 25-year-old man in Auburn on Monday, December 3. Two days later they tracked down a second suspect, believed to be the shooter, in Renton. Both men have been booked into the King County Jail for investigation of robbery. Officers are continuing to look for the third suspect.