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Have you seen Salvador?

Neighbor Alice writes in about another lost pet:

We just moved to the neighborhood a week ago, and it seems that Salvador’s explorations must have gotten him lost. He’s a large, gray, very friendly male (neutered) cat, with a notched ear. He’s usually very social and outgoing, but my guess (my hope!) is that right now he’s cowering in someone’s garage, unsure how to get home … Let us know if you’ve seen him or know anything. He’s not micro-chipped. Thanks! Alice & Rob, 206-753-8667

Have you seen Dora?

There have been a lot of lost pets in the neighborhood lately. Here’s one.

Neighbor Heidi writes:

Our cat went missing yesterday afternoon and I’m hoping one of our neighbors has seen her or has information. She’s a pretty common looking brown tabby with white chest and white front feet. Her name is Dora. She’s a bit skittish with strangers, never strays more than a house away and has never been gone more than a few hours. She’s not the kind to get lost, or curious enough to get locked in a garage or something either, so we’re worried. She doesn’t wear a collar or tags, but is micro-chipped. We’re at 19th and Lander area.

If you have seen her or know anything, call 206-322-4503.

Have you seen Chompers?

Have you seen this dog?
Neighbor Andy sent the following notice:

Lost Dog in Beacon Hill. “Chompers” is a small black and white Chihuahua and Boston Terrier mix last seen around 17th and Hinds on the morning of 9/24/12. She is friendly to people, but aggressive with other dogs. She is in heat, which is probably why she got loose. She has tags with my phone number. If you know of anything, please email asiancajunandy@gmail.com or call 504-432-0020.

Have you seen this dog?

Neighbor Sean sends this notice:

We have a scared lost male black Shepherd mix that has been on the loose in the Central District/Beacon Hill area since Wednesday, the 5th, evening! He was just pulled from a Yakima shelter on that Tuesday, the 4th, and darted out of his foster’s car, at 26th & King, after returning home from getting neutered and some teeth extracted. He was last seen wearing a lime green/brown collar with a red Salty Dog tag on it and he has a green bandage wrap around one of his front legs. He was last seen running up towards the greenbelt on Beacon Hill on Massachusetts about 5 days ago!!! Please call us at 206-898-3067 if you spot him!!! Please DO NOT CHASE HIM, he is scared and will run! We just need sightings so we can track his path to know where to set a humane trap.

As the message says, call 206-898-3067 if you spot the dog.

Updated: Have you seen Oreo?

Have you seen Oreo?
Neighbor Liza Marie is searching for her missing chihuahua, Oreo, who went missing on August 14, and who was last seen on Ferdinand Street near Cleveland High School. He is black with white on his chest and white paw tips. If you see him, please call 253-678-4578 or 206-890-2489. Liza Marie says that Oreo “is very loved at home. He is missed dearly.”

(Updated to include better description of where he was last seen — 3:30 p.m. 8/16)

Updated: Have you seen Shadow?

Shadow lounging on her kitty tree. (We apologize for the quality of the photo. This was the only photo Matthew had.)
Update, late Tuesday night: Shadow is found! Matthew says: “I found her mewing outside about four feet up a bush around ten o’clock tonight.”

Have you seen Shadow? Shadow is a spayed, indoor kitty who made an escape from an apartment window at 17th Avenue South and South Stevens today. She is a very friendly kitty, about 2 1/2 years old and 5-6 pounds. She does have a microchip.

If you find her or have seen her, call Matthew at 206-877-3059.

Have you seen Cleo?

Unfortunately, with spring we always get an increase in lost pet notices. Here’s another. Have you seen Cleo? She’s two years old and spayed. Cleo was last seen on Monday, April 23, in the 3000 block of 22nd Avenue South. She is smallish, somewhat vocal and has a bump on one of her ribs. She is chipped but not collared. If found, please call or text 206-679-6953.

Have you seen Macho?

This is Macho when he was a bit younger... but isn't he cute?
Neighbor Marie writes: “My friend Russ has been missing his cat from the Beacon Hill area for almost two weeks. He is heartbroken over losing his furry buddy.”

The kitty, Macho, is about nine months old and was last seen on Thursday, April 12. He is a gray tuxedo cat with white feet and chest. He is not neutered.

If you have any information about Macho, please call 206-783-9490.

This is a more recent picture of Macho. Have you seen him?

Have you seen Bananas?

This cute dog, Bananas, is lost somewhere on Beacon Hill. Have you seen him? Bananas is male, tri-color (brown, tan, and black), about 9-10 months old, weighs 15 pounds, and is wearing a brown collar. We are told he was last seen at South Othello Street and South Fontanelle Street on Sunday afternoon.

If you have any information, please contact Binh at 425-772-1130.

Have you seen this dog?