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Have you seen Ernie?

(Editor’s note: The dog has been found! Thanks, everyone!)

Neighbors Phil and Yulia write:

“This little dog was lost this evening, Thursday 12th April, on Beacon Hill. His name is Ernie and he’s very skittish with strangers. He is licensed and chipped and has a red harness on. However, the phone number on his collar isn’t valid because his owner is out of the country and will probably not be able to receive cell phone calls where she is. If you have seen this dog or have found him, please contact us by email or phone [number removed now that Ernie is back home — ed.]. Thanks.”

Have you seen this dog?

Have you seen Coco the kitty?

Neighbor Heather writes to tell us that Coco, the unofficial “12th Avenue Viewpoint park greeter” cat, is missing again. Coco was last seen on the morning of Saturday, March 24, at 12th Avenue South and South Stevens Street.

“Things to know: female, social, black and white long haired, green eyes, and has one pupil that is bigger than the other and probably with some bushes or branches attached to her tail. She is EXTREMELY friendly and has a home. Please call me if you have seen her.
Thank you!!!


Have you seen Coco?

Is this dog yours? And have you seen a missing golden retriever?

Neighbor Joshua sent us this message last night:

“This sweet girl ran up to me this afternoon on 13th near Angeline around 5:30. She would really like to go home. Is she yours? Give me a call at 206.354.2582.”

Another dog is not where he should be. Neighbor Allison posted a plea to the Beacon Hill Mailing List last night: “Our golden retriever Jack escaped our yard near El Centro. As of 10pm he's out and about. He typically comes home on his own. He wears a tag but the current one may not have our phone numbers on it.” Contact us here at the blog if you find Jack.

(Editor’s note: Jack has now been found!)

Have you seen Merlot?

Neighbor Jessa writes in about a lost dog:

My name is Jessa Wubbels and my fiance, Pete and I are fostering a Chihuahua mix named Merlot. Tonight we were at the Red Apple when she freaked out and broke off her leash. We spotted her a few times between Spokane Street and McClellan on 15th.

If you have any information, please call Jessa at 206-398-9504 or Pete at 206-228-3362.

Have you seen Rishi?

Neighbors Kt and Bo write:

We haven’t seen our cat in a few days, and we think she may have lost her way home or be stuck in someone’s home/garage/basement/front window, as she tends to be a fearless wanderer and the weather was bad over the weekend. I saw her last on Thursday, the 10th of November. We live on 14th between Dakota and Nevada. Her name is Rishi (Ree-Shee), she is a small Oriental Tabby. She is not wearing a collar, but is micro-chipped. Her family, especially our two year old, is ready for her to come home. Please call us at 206-972-0045 (Kt) or 206-650-5874 (Bo) if you have seen her or have her.

We hope Rishi returns home in good health soon!

Have you seen Sid?

Have you seen this kitty?
(Tuesday afternoon: Sid has been found! Thanks to everyone for your help! — Ed.)

I apologize for not getting this posted sooner. Neighbor Kristin recently wrote to us:

Our American Tabby cat is missing; last time we saw him was Saturday September 24. We live on 14th between Dakota and Nevada. His name is Sid, he has 4 white paws and a white belly. He may have snuck into someone’s house or garage to avoid the rain and without a collar (he is chipped) they may not know who to call. If you had your garage/shed open on Saturday or Sunday and don’t mind taking a second to open it to see if he is hiding in there, I would really appreciate it. If anyone has seen him or knows where he is to please call us at 206-465-7003 or 206-915-6309.

Reward for safe return.

Have you seen Maddy?

Alicia writes:

“Hi! My lovely Madeline hasn’t come home like she usually does at night. Last seen near my house on 14th & Lander/McClellan on 9/19/11, Monday evening.”

Maddy is a tiger-striped adult female cat with white paws, and black, brown, and rust-colored stripes. She is 9 years old, weighs 10 pounds, and is (hopefully) wearing a purple flowered collar with tags. She is microchipped.

If you see Madeline, please call Alicia at 206-898-0094.

Madeline is missing. Have you seen her?

Have you seen Pushkin?

Neighbor Tricia Pham writes to let us know that her dog, Pushkin, disappeared around 3:30 on August 15. Pushkin is a female Pomeranian, small, with light brown and white fur. She was not wearing a collar with a tag on, but instead she had a red body collar with white paw prints.

Tricia adds, “She’s very friendly, but sick as well. She needs her medications every week. She is loved and missed.”

If you find Pushkin, please call (206) 327-8651 or (206) 805-9800.

Pushkin the Pomeranian

Have you seen this dog?

(11:30 pm, 7/6: The dog has been found! Thanks, everyone, for your help!)

Neighbor Owen sent us the following plea:

Please help me find my lost dog. He is 20 lbs, white, with some gray accents on his ears. He can be fairly skittish around people especially men. He has a fresh haircut and looks kind of like a beagle mix. He is roughly 5 years old and fixed. His collar is a combination chain and nylon with a Seattle pet license attached. He never leaves the house but was scared off by the 4th of July fireworks. He disappeared sometime between 8p and 12a. Any tips or information on his whereabouts would be appreciated. A reward is offered for any information leading to his recovery.

Feel free to email, call, or text

The pictures were taken the day he disappeared.