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Hicks pleads not guilty to aggravated murder

The Seattle Times reports that Daniel Hicks pleaded not guilty today to two counts of aggravated murder in the shooting deaths of his girlfriend and baby daughter last month near 13th and Ferdinand. Prosecutors now have 30 days to determine whether to seek the death penalty.

Jennifer Morgan, 28, and her daughter Emma, 13 weeks old, were both shot multiple times with a .45 caliber handgun on December 21. Hicks was arrested in Santa Cruz, California on December 28.

See previous reports here.

Crime notes: Follow-ups, pay-phones and burglaries

Mike’s car (mentioned previously) and several others were recovered last Wednesday. It was apparently purloined by a person with a penchant for Subarus, having stolen several without damaging windows or steering locks, ditching one and taking another as-needed, and even leaving the ditched cars parked safely. Mike says:

It was left on a hill, with the tires turned towards the curb, with the brake set. Now that is a nice criminal. I could not find the note of apology though.

* * *

Daniel Hicks, charged with the murder of his girlfriend and baby daughter, to be extradited from Santa Cruz, CA.

* * *

The “magazine salesman” (previously) is apparently pretty well-known. His name is Darryl, and he’s been seen everywhere from Cheasty to 23rd and Horton to 18th and Plum to the Central District and Leschi, hawking subscriptions to normally-free magazines and newspapers.

* * *

SeattleCrime.com has an account of a robbery and possible attempted rape near Columbia Drive and South Ferdinand, in the middle of the day, two days before Christmas.

* * *

Craig Thompson reported to the mailing lists that the pay-phones outside the 76 station at Beacon and 14th, an attractant of nefariousness, have been removed, and the empty booths are soon to follow. Thanks, Craig!

* * *

A sampling of recent burglary activity recorded by bhnw.org:

All alarms on Thursday, 12/30:

  • 2:30pm @ 16th and College
  • 2:45pm @ 15th and Massachusetts
  • 3:00pm @ 23rd and Lucile
  • 3:45pm @ 19th and Raymond

Friday, 12/31:

  • 2:15pm @ 19th and Dawson — forced entry burglary

Monday, 1/4:

  • 10:30am @ Morse, off Cheasty — attempt forced entry burglary
  • 12:10pm @ 17th and Massachusetts — suspected burglary
  • 5:00pm @ 17th and Atlantic — forced entry burglary

Thanks again to the BHNW volunteer crew.

Crime notes: Hicks extradition, purple pleasure, more break-ins

Daniel Hicks extradition hearing today. — The Seattle Times

A brand new purple vibrator was among the items stolen from a home at 19th and Massachusetts. — SeattleCrime.com

On the mailing list, Maureen wrote that her basement apartment at 14th and Winthrop was burglarized yesterday between about 1:30 and 3:30pm, with entry through a window in full view of the street. This was the only time when no one was home; was someone watching? The thieves made off with two laptops. Two weeks ago, the vacant house on the opposite corner was also broken into, by smashing the back door glass. Maureen also noted seeing some unfamiliar dog-walkers always on their cellphones in the area recently.

Update: The SPD Blotter has some additional details on the home invasion robbery mentioned last night.

Shooting near 13th & Ferdinand – Updated with photo

Update: Please scroll down for a photo and official description of a person of interest in this crime.

According to the bhnw.org scanner logs, a shooting occurred around 10:15 this morning in the 1300 block of South Ferdinand Street.

In the logged reports, the suspected shooter is described as a mixed race male with a shaved head and tattoo on right forearm, possibly of the City Light emblem. He departed the scene in a white Chevy truck with the license plate A68135Z. If you see this vehicle, please contact police immediately.

10:55 Update: It appears that two people were shot, one fatally. A chaplain has been dispatched to the scene.

11:05 Update: If the tattoo description is accurate, the City Light emblem is the City of Seattle logo, seen at right.

11:15 Update: KING5 reports that a 14-month-old child and her mother were found dead at the scene.

11:20 Update: The police have not yet issued an official description of the suspect. They are expected to have a briefing around noon.

12:45 Update: The Seattle Times has more, including comments from local block watch captain and nearby neighbor Bob Thomas.

13:25 Update: KOMO‘s Beacon Hill News has photos from the scene.

13:55 Update: SeattleCrime.com has dug up some background information on the person the police are looking for in connection with this crime, and his history of anger problems.

14:10 Update: KOMO radio reporter Marina Rockinger corrects the age of the infant victim as only 14 weeks (via Twitter).

15:20 Update: The Seattle Times has an updated article.

15:25 Update: A “person of interest” has been named and a photograph provided via the SPD Blotter:

Daniel Thomas Hicks, person of interest in the 12/22 shooting at 13th & Ferdinand. Photo from spdblotter.seattle.gov

Homicide detectives responded and developed information on an adult person of interest, Daniel Thomas Hicks, a 29-year old light-skinned male. Hicks is 6′ 4″, 160 lbs., with brown eyes and short hair. He may be driving a white 2006 Chevrolet pickup truck with a chrome tool box in the bed, displaying Washington license plate number A68135Z. Do not approach Hicks, as he is considered armed and dangerous.

If you have any information about this crime, please call 911 or the Seattle Police Homicide Unit at 206-233-5000.

12/23 10:30 Update: The “person-of-interest”-hunt continues. — Seattle Times

12/23 14:15 Update: The victim’s name has been released. Jennifer Morgan, age 28. — Seattle Times

12/24 10:30 Update: Also in the Times, “a friend says something changed in the past year. Daniel Thomas Hicks stopped working and, slowly, became possessive and temperamental.”

12/24 10:40 Update: Hicks now officially a suspect in this crime. — SPD Blotter

12/24 16:15 Update: Hicks has been officially charged and appears to be on the run in California. — KOMO
The Stranger has a PDF of the charging documents.

12/24 18:50 Update: SeattleCrime.com covers several disturbing details revealed in the charging documents, including that the shooter spent an entire clip, reloaded, and continued firing.

Additional details as they come in.