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Crime notes: Follow-ups, pay-phones and burglaries

Mike’s car (mentioned previously) and several others were recovered last Wednesday. It was apparently purloined by a person with a penchant for Subarus, having stolen several without damaging windows or steering locks, ditching one and taking another as-needed, and even leaving the ditched cars parked safely. Mike says:

It was left on a hill, with the tires turned towards the curb, with the brake set. Now that is a nice criminal. I could not find the note of apology though.

* * *

Daniel Hicks, charged with the murder of his girlfriend and baby daughter, to be extradited from Santa Cruz, CA.

* * *

The “magazine salesman” (previously) is apparently pretty well-known. His name is Darryl, and he’s been seen everywhere from Cheasty to 23rd and Horton to 18th and Plum to the Central District and Leschi, hawking subscriptions to normally-free magazines and newspapers.

* * *

SeattleCrime.com has an account of a robbery and possible attempted rape near Columbia Drive and South Ferdinand, in the middle of the day, two days before Christmas.

* * *

Craig Thompson reported to the mailing lists that the pay-phones outside the 76 station at Beacon and 14th, an attractant of nefariousness, have been removed, and the empty booths are soon to follow. Thanks, Craig!

* * *

A sampling of recent burglary activity recorded by bhnw.org:

All alarms on Thursday, 12/30:

  • 2:30pm @ 16th and College
  • 2:45pm @ 15th and Massachusetts
  • 3:00pm @ 23rd and Lucile
  • 3:45pm @ 19th and Raymond

Friday, 12/31:

  • 2:15pm @ 19th and Dawson — forced entry burglary

Monday, 1/4:

  • 10:30am @ Morse, off Cheasty — attempt forced entry burglary
  • 12:10pm @ 17th and Massachusetts — suspected burglary
  • 5:00pm @ 17th and Atlantic — forced entry burglary

Thanks again to the BHNW volunteer crew.