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Police: 70-year-old man tied up as suspects tear through home

by Kiersten Throndsen, KOMO Communities (Beacon Hill Blog news partners)

A burglary turned home invasion left a 70-year-old man with cuts to his wrist, according to police.

It happened Friday, around 1:30p.m., near 12th Avenue S. and S. Nevada Street.

The victim told police he heard noises coming from the back of the house. When he went to check it out he found the two men inside.

The victim tried to fight the suspects off but they pulled out a knife. He told KOMO News they used a telephone cord to tie his hands and feet together and left him in a bedroom while they went through the home.

Nearly 30 minutes later the victim’s granddaughter came home and found him. She called 911.

The man was treated at the scene for cuts to his hands.

An iPad, jewelry and money were reportedly stolen from the home.

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Beacon Hill resident assaulted in home-invasion robbery

A North Beacon Hill resident reported being tied-up and pistol-whipped in a home-invasion robbery on Wednesday night.

Here’s how the Seattle Police Department reported the incident:

Preliminary investigation indicates that on August 17th at approximately 9:00 p.m. the victim was at his residence in the 2100 block of Beacon Avenue South. A female in her 20’s (suspect #4) knocked on the victim’s front door. The victim answered the door and suspect #4 asked him if she could use his phone. Shortly thereafter three male suspects forced their way through the door and began assaulting the victim in his front room.

The victim was overpowered, tied up and pistol-whipped. His house was ransacked and his wallet, a laptop computer, and prescription drugs were taken. All four suspects fled the scene and remain at large.

The only suspect descriptions available at this time are: two Hispanic males in their late 20’s, one black male in his late 20’s, and one Hispanic female in her 20’s.

If you have information, please call 911 or the Seattle Police Robbery Unit at 206-684-5535. Anonymous tips are welcome.

Letter to the editor: Home invasion

To the BHB:

This past Sunday morning my son and his roommates who live in a house near the corner of Beacon Avenue and Columbian Way were the victims of an attempted home invasion. Around 5 a.m. Sunday morning a car load of five Asian young men drove up to their house and began trying to break in their door and get in to the house. My son and his two roommates woke up and were alarmed by the noise, grabbed baseball bats to prepare for the worst. As the intruders banged on the door and broke a window, they called 911 and the police responded in five minutes. The car left before the police arrived, they were left shaken.

The police took their report and said they could only report it as a property damage crime. They were able to identify the car, but not the plates, and had descriptions of some of the intruders.

Today they went down to the police precinct to see if they could speak to a detective about the incident, but were told that there was no one there they could talk to, and that they was no way for them to take in the additional information they had. Basically they were told “tough luck.”

This is criminal to me. Things could have gone so much worse, and could have possibly ended in tragedy. Is there any one that they might be able to connect with on Beacon Hill that could help them? Someone in the Police Department? City? An attempted home invasion should not be taken lightly, but the police seem not to care. I’m at a loss as to who they can turn to for help. Any direction would be welcome since they love living on Beacon Hill, but are ready to move because they no longer feel safe.

—Matt Chan

Beacon Bits: Catch-up edition

Apologies to everyone. We are way behind on posts this week. Here’s a catch-up edition of Beacon Bits to fill you in on the latest.

* * *

Notice the newspaper up in the windows of the old Beacon Pub? According to the Bar del Corso blog, they have started work on the building, where their pizzeria will be opening later this year.

* * *

Just south of the former pub, another change is about to take place: ROCKiT space is moving. Betty Jean Williamson reports that ROCKiT will continue regular hours of operation at the current location, 3315 Beacon Avenue South, through January 31. After that, Open Mic moves to Kusina Filipina (3201 Beacon Avenue South) on Saturday, February 5. The event starts at 8:00 pm and costs $5. Tots Jam is moving to El Centro de la Raza room 310 (2524 16th Avenue South) on February 2 at 9:00 am. Classes are $7.

In the meantime, the ROCKiTeers have a lot of work ahead before vacating the building at 3315 Beacon and moving their activities into other locations. It sounds like they will need some volunteer help, including cleaning, repair, and moving. Contact Betty Jean at 206-658-0187 or bjwlmp@msn.com if you can help.

There will be a ROCKiT space moving sale on January 29 from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. If you have loaned ROCKiT anything, please pick it up soon or let them know if you want to donate to the sale.

* * *

Travis Mayfield at KOMO points out that Edwin Lee, the new mayor of San Francisco and the first Asian-American mayor of that city, was born on Beacon Hill!

* * *

On the less-happy side of things, you may have heard that some very bad people were out and about last week, posing as Water Department workers to convince neighbors on Beacon Hill and in Columbia City to let them in their homes for a “water quality check,” but stealing their stuff instead. Here’s a Seattle Times (BHB news partners) report. The Seattle Police South Precinct Email Community Newsletter went out yesterday with their own take on the subject:

“For those of you who are ‘seasoned’ enough to remember the song ‘Let ’Em In’ by Paul McCartney & Wings from 1976 (I know, so last century), it should not be a surprise that we disagree with Sir Paul. Just because someone knocks or rings at the door does not mean that you let them in.”

The SPD reminds you that City employees will have laminated picture ID that includes a name, department, and serial number. If you see a suspicious person come to your house, and that person can’t produce a City of Seattle picture ID, call 911 to report the situation immediately.

* * *

The Nova High School Book Night is coming on January 26. We are told it’s a “book fair/book exchange with books of all kinds, free for all!” Beacon Hill neighbor Levecke Mas is collecting books for the the book exchange; contact Levecke at leveckeinseattle@gmail.com. You can also drop off your book donations at the Nova office, in the Meany school building on East Capitol Hill (300 20th Avenue East).

The event is from 6:30-8:30 pm on Wednesday, January 26, and it is open to all.

Learn more about Nova and the Book Night at http://novaproject.my-pta.org.

* * *

Rainier Valley Cooperative Preschool invites the community to learn about the school at an open house on Saturday, February 5, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, and Thursday, February 10, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The parent-run preschool is located in Beacon Hill Lutheran Church at 1720 South Forest Street. More info at their website.

* * *

Cass Turnbull of Plant Amnesty doesn’t approve of Beacon Hill-style yard topiaries. Joel Lee begs to differ:

“I can certainly appreciate wanting to protect plants from senseless mutilation but Plant Amnesty seems to have nominated themselves the arbiters of taste with comments like ‘When the inherent beauty of a plant is compromised, it’s painful for those of us who know what it should look like.’ Who gave Plant Amnesty the authority to decide what plants should look like?”

* * *

While it’s not Beacon Hill-specific, I can’t resist posting this link to a photo of former City Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck with a man in a heron costume. Thank you, Seattle Municipal Archives.

Home invasion robbery by men posing as police

SeattleCrime.com has details of a home invasion robbery at an apartment near 13th and Beacon in the early morning of November 1st. A couple was robbed of several thousand dollars by six men dressed as police officers.

From the story, the couple seems to think they were targeted after having gone to a taco stand earlier in the evening. I wonder what could have happened at a taco stand to make these criminals interested in tracking down and robbing these victims.

Update: KOMO has more details.