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Swinery shut down?

The Devouring sEATtle blog hosted by the P-I reports that the The Swinery, the cured meat operation recently started at Culinary Communion, has been shut down. Indeed, the Swinery website has been wiped. (See it as it was in the Google cache.)

The word is that it was shut down by the health department in some sort of retaliation for an underground restaurant project called “Gypsy“.

Let’s hope this is just a speed bump and not a dead end for delectable locally cured meats.

Further details in the original “Swinery shutdown” post at Devouring sEATtle.

Thanks for the tip, Anita!

Chef Bobby Moore of Barking Frog at Culinary Communion tonight at 6:30

Thinking about tonight’s dinner? You might be interested in this announcement which was forwarded to us earlier today. I’m posting it in its entirety so I can get this online for you as soon as possible, since I wasn’t here to post it earlier:

Dear Foodies:

Tonight: “Surf and Turf” is a classic combination of flavors but what happens when seafood and meat are in the adept hands of one of our favorite local chefs? Find out when you join us for a purely delicious meal from renowned local chef Bobby Moore of Barking Frog. Succulent, sweet Dungeness crab is in his lineup as well as tender and flavorful Kurobuta pork. Though our mothers tried to raise us here at Vagabond with polite table manners, we can’t guarantee she’ll be proud as we gather around for this menu…

  • Warm Dungeness Crab Salad
    Roasted Apple, Braised Leeks, Apple Cider Gastrique, Candied Walnuts
  • Braised Kurobuta Pork Shank
    Controne Beans, Swinery Bacon, Laccinato Kale
  • Artisan Cheese
    Oregon Blue Cheese Souffle, Fig Jam, Marcona Almonds

Invite friends and neighbors to join you to celebrate winter’s delicious bounty at its best and receive recipes to re-create the feast at home. Vagabond is the best deal in town especially this month!

Chef Bobby’s Vagabond dinner takes place tonight at 6:30pm and will be held at the CC House at Beacon Hill. Cost for our Vagabond demonstration class is $45 per person. Wines by the glass can be purchased at the event. Register now!

Thanks and see you soon!
The Culinary Communion Team

Culinary Communion, LLC
2524 Beacon Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144

The Swinery brings home the bacon — again!

Meats galore. Photo by Timothy Vollmer.
Meats galore. Photo by Timothy Vollmer.
After selling a half-ton of bacon in less than one day, The Swinery at Culinary Communion announces another half-ton currently curing will be available later this month, just in time for the holidays! You can pre-order on their new Swinery website, and they’ll even deliver orders of 50 pounds or more.

If bacon’s not your thing (what??) they’re also offering other meats, from duck to veal to pancetta. And they’re looking for contacts that can help them get their delectable wares into farmers markets around town. Let ’em know if you can help out.

Culinary Communion finally gets a liquor license

Photo by Andrew Kraker.
Photo by Andrew Kraker.
You may remember the fuss a few months ago when the State Liquor Control Board told Culinary Communion on Beacon Avenue that they could no longer have alcohol at their cooking classes — not even to cook with. Apparently, it’s illegal without a liquor license. Who knew?

But it’s now safe to make wine sauces and other spirited dishes at CC’s cooking classes; the school was approved for a spirits, beer and wine restaurant/lounge license on November 26. (You can find the info at this page by choosing King County.)

Perhaps now their “Living Room Wine Classes,” which were held in a private living space, can move into the class space at CC House instead.

Half a ton of world-class Swinery bacon — cheap!

Photo by Craig Allen. Mmmm... Schweinfleisch!
Photo by Craig Allen. Mmmm... Schweinfleisch!
We mentioned the coming of The Swinery from Culinary Communion previously.

Now, by way of Chris Bailey on the mailing list and in the comments to our most recent mention of Culinary Communion, some delicious, delicious news:

Bacon Fundraiser at Culinary Communion!

Calling all friends of Culinary Communion, bacon lovers and foodies alike, we need your help! We need to move 1,000 pounds (yes, you read it right, 1,000 pounds) of bacon. It’s a long a story . . . but, in order to secure permitting and to start selling at farmer’s markets in 2009, the city needs to do one final inspection of our new space and 1,000 pounds of our house-cured, incredibly delicious bacon is standing in the way!

So, we need you, your friends, family and co-workers to buy our bacon! Selling for only $10/lb., our famous bacon is made from 100% organically-raised Berkshire heirloom pork and cured on-site at the CC house. It has been gaining considerable acclaim all around the city and you will see why when you taste it! Plus, what better time to have a couple pounds of homemade bacon on-hand. Think: Thanksgiving stuffing, weekend brunch, hostess gift or freeze a bunch to use throughout the year. This is an opportunity not to be missed (and a great way to support a local business during these crazy financial times)!

Swing by Culinary Communion any time to get your bacon on (even until noon on Thanksgiving Day). Not sure you have time to make the trek to Beacon Hill? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to bring the bacon to you! And, one more thing, consider starting a “Community Bacon Drive” at your office. Forward this to your co-workers, collect their orders and we’ll stop by your office with a special delivery. (Plus, we’ll throw in an extra pound for your help.)

Thanks in advance for helping us making our goal of selling 1,000 pounds of bacon a reality! Who knows? Maybe we’ll even make the Guinness Book of World Records . . . Most Bacon Sold in Least Amount of Time!

Our very best to all of you this Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the continued support you’ve given us over the years and the enthusiasm and excitement you’ve shown for our new endeavors. Thank you for being a part of it!

The Culinary Communion Team
Our Founders: Chef Gabriel & Heidi
The Kitchen Staff: Katie, Tom & Pip
The Office Staff: Zora, Michael, Adrienne & Jenny
House Managers: Gloria, Virginia & Teresa

Culinary Communion, LLC
2524 Beacon Avenue South
Seattle, Washington, 98144

Stock up and save! Makes a great Christmas gift! 🙂

Random bolding mine. Thanks for the info, Chris!

Learning pizza production at Culinary Communion

Not a Culinary Communion pizza, but looks darn tasty, doesnt it? Photo by Gio JL.
Not a Culinary Communion pizza, but looks darn tasty, doesn't it? Photo by Gio JL.
Rhonda from the Mortgage Porter blog recently took a pizza-making class at Culinary Communion on Beacon Avenue, and posted a Flickr set of photos of the class. If you’ve wondered what their classes are like, this gives you a good look at a class in their kitchen, and at some very tasty-looking pizza! My favorite photo, though, was the one of the chalkboard with ideas for different topping combinations: pear, prosciutto, bleu cheese; egg, bacon, spinach, feta; pumpkin, cranberry, sage, and bleu cheese… hey, that sounds like Thanksgiving Pizza!

Beacon Bits: Gentrification, school closures, and mice

Recycle your old computers and benefit Union Gospel Mission at the same time, this Friday and Saturday at 660 South Othello Street . Photo by Leif K-Brooks.
Recycle your old computers and benefit Union Gospel Mission at the same time, this Friday and Saturday. Photo by Leif K-Brooks.

Beacon Bits: donuts (free), turkey (not free), gas (cheap)

Photo by Steve Voght -- thank you!
Photo by Steve Voght -- thank you!

From beneath Culinary Communion comes: The Swinery

Barbecue and meat lovers get ready!

Rebekah Denn notes in her Devouring sEATtle blog that Culinary Communion‘s Gabriel Claycamp is preparing to expand into a retail operation selling BBQ, chicken and veal stock, sandwiches, bacon, and a variety of cured meats. Permits have been submitted and preparations made for turning the basement of the building into “The Swinery.”

The article doesn’t mention if these products will be available for purchase directly from The Swinery’s home here on Beacon Hill, instead mentioning plans to take the savories across town one day a week for sale near the West Seattle Farmers Market. Let’s hope there will be something a little closer to satisfy a fine bacon or barbecue hankering.