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Crime notes: Neighbor reports assault by laughing, bat-wielding teenagers

Neighbor Dayna writes about a scary situation near 13th and Snoqualmie on Tuesday night:

“While walking home from the bus at 6:45pm Tuesday night, my neighbor (40ish-something male) was jumped and beaten with a baseball bat by about a half-dozen teenage boys. The boys didn’t rob him, but laughed as they were swinging the bat at his head before jumping in a car that was waiting for them. He was only a block away from his house, which by the way is also just a few blocks from Maple park and Maple school. It has shaken up our neighborhood. We’ve also had a few home break-ins this past week, more than usual back to back, but the violence against our friend and neighbor has hit us all hard. We’re just not sure what could have been done differently in this situation… A grown man, walking home from the bus in the early evening, attacked by young men while laughing. We’re just not sure what to think about this.”

Also in crime, we’ve been hearing about a few car prowls and burglaries in the last few weeks on the neighborhood mailing lists and in emails to the Beacon Hill Blog. Neighbor Josh writes:

“I wanted to report two of our cars at [the 2000 block of] S Horton St were broken into last night [11/15]. Both driver side windows were shattered and the cars were rummaged through with no significant items taken. I can’t count how many times our cars have been broken into but it’s unfortunate. We leave nothing valuable in the car but it seems to keep happening. Just wanted to get this info out to everyone.”

Another neighbor wrote in late October:

“Prowlers broke into both of my cars. 1 car on Monday night, and came back on Tuesday for wife’s car, alarms went off both times. Nothing much taken just an empty backpack.”

Some folks in the 1900 block South Lander Street must be feeling unsafe right now. On November 12, their residence was burglarized for the second time in two months. The burglar(s) got away with four credit cards, and promptly used one of them at Nike Town ($700+) and Starbucks ($200). Anyone in the area sporting new shoes and a new espresso machine?

Mid-Beacon burglary yesterday

Neighbor Julie writes:

Thought I would let you guys get the word out. Our house in Mid-Beacon Hill was broken into between 8:30 and 5pm today (August 29). They got in through the alley level backyard entrance and stole a laptop, gaming consoles and other small electronics. Not sure if anyone saw anything but appreciate you guys getting the word out.

Crime notes: Flashings continue on North Beacon Hill

There have been more recent sightings of the serial masturbator/flasher in the North Beacon Hill area — at least eight reported incidents so far, we’re told. He appears to still be driving the newer-looking navy blue [Chevy?] truck with tinted windows as previously described, and is obscuring the license plate in an attempt to elude identification. If you spot a truck matching this description, especially if you notice the license plate is hidden, please consider notifying 911.

* * *

Aaron G. was robbed Sunday night. He wrote in with this account and asked us to share it:

I was on my way home from the Valero store around 11:30 pm on Sunday night when two guys approached me from behind. They asked for my bags repeatedly before shoving me and demanding that I give it to them. Once handing it over, they started screaming at me, asking what else I had on me. They reached into my jacket pocket, grabbed my cigarettes, took my wallet from my back pocket, and ran off as a car approached. I chased them down to the Shell station where they jumped into a car waiting with a few other guys in it and they peeled off.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT! This happened near 15th and College. They were young, maybe 18 or 19 years old, black men, Ethiopian accents. Hooded sweatshirts, and they seemed nervous.

* * *

Drive-by shooting near Shaffer and Morgan, April 17th — The Seattle Times, BHB news partner

Neck chains attract robberies in Rainier Beach and at Cleveland High — SeattleCrime.com

* * *

Recent burglary activity from police reports, bhnw.org scanner logs, and the mailing lists:

* * *

A car was stolen from Chris B.’s house near 18th and Lander last week. Something else to keep an eye out for:

The woman who is staying with us had her car stolen [April 25th] between 10:30 and 11:15 am. The car is a 1997 dark teal Honda Civic, license plate 244-YVO. There is a car seat in the back. … If you see it, please call the police.

Crime notes: Neglect, break-ins, and pedestrian harassment

Jan wrote to the mailing list about a break-in:

[Last Wednesday] our rental house was broken into. It’s across from the viewpoint at 2910 12th Ave. So. Our renter was at home at the time and the intruder broke in the front door and came in with a knife. He boldly sat on the couch until our renter pointed a gun and called police. The intruder is one that we new as a little boy who lived down the street. He’s a druggie and usually not dangerous… Our son who is a policeman said he’s arrested him several times, but he seems to always get back out on the street. He needs some serious rehab.

* * *

Sentencing has taken place in the neglect case from December ’08:

Margaret Adell George’s mother was found living in deplorable conditions in her Beacon Hill home in December 2008. Seattle police detectives said the immobile woman appeared to have been neglected for an extended period of time before authorities found her in her home in the 4900 block of 26th Avenue South.

Seattle woman sentenced to jail for neglecting bed-ridden momSeattle Times (BHB news partners)

* * *

In The Big Bad Wolf of Beacon Hill, SeattleCrime.com has the police account of a woman on foot being harassed by a man in a vehicle in the early morning hours of March 8th:

The woman told officers she got lost on the way to her friend’s home and, as she was wandering around the neighborhood, a “light brown or gold colored full sized American-made 4 door vehicle” pulled up next to her near 20th Ave S and S Ferdinand and the driver offered her a ride.

The woman declined the man’s offer and kept on walking.

The driver than told the woman “he was a good guy” and asked for her name, but the woman ignored him and kept walking.

Moments later, the report says, the driver got out of his car holding a knife and told the woman “I want sex.”

More at SeattleCrime.com.

* * *

Meilee offers a first-hand account of being shadowed and stalked by a driver:

After work yesterday 3/16 just after 5P, I was walking north along 15th Ave S. It was still daylight and lots of cars and people around. I just passed the Clearwire store and barbershop and was almost to the garden society house when a man in a burgundy SUV pulled up along side and started rolling his car along. I stopped and he stopped so then I started walking forward and he pulled forward. He turned his vehicle as if he was going to park. So I turned around and started walking back towards ABC Supermarket. When I turned around, I looked back and the guy had put his car in reverse and started driving backwards. I started walking faster and called my husband asked that he pick me up. The guy drove off and I walked into the grocery store.

Anyway I wanted to let people know and just be aware of your surroundings and even walking on a busy street in daylight. Some guy, who knows what his intentions were was “brave” enough to roll along side in his car.

My husband said I did the right thing by walking into a business but I’m still shook up. Who knows what the guys intentions were but even more, what he might do something to someone else.

* * *

Kevin forwarded a note from a neighbor at 24th and McClellan:

We had a burglary on Tuesday. It occurred at about 11:30 AM [Tuesday], when there was apparently no one at home in any of the 6 homes here on this side. Our house had been unoccupied for an hour when this happened. The frame to the lower door (and the door itself) was broken to gain entry, apparently with a pry bar of some sort. The intruders entered and stole items of substantial value, notwithstanding the alarm (and the decals and signs indicating there was an alarm). The police responded 3 hours later.

* * *

Select items from bhnw.org’s scanner logs:


  • 3/9 9:15pm near 17th and Shelton
  • 3/10 6:15pm near 14th and Nevada
  • 3/12 2:00pm near 14th and Nevada
  • 3/18 12:00pm near 23rd and Spencer
  • 3/18 12:15pm near 22nd and Spencer

Vehicle break-in:

  • 3/11 12:45pm near Beacon and Lander


  • 3/13 6:30pm in Holly Park

Thanks everyone for keeping your neighbors informed!

Crime notes: Tips, burglaries, and more tips

Map of selected items from bhwn.org. V - Vehicle thefts and break-ins, B - Burglaries, R - Robberies, S - Shots fired, O - Other.

Selected scanner items from bhnw.org:
1/13 10:30pm — Burglary: 22nd and Kenny
1/14 1:30pm — Burglary: 35th and Graham
1/15 7:15pm — Vehicle Theft: 15th and Lucile
1/18 3:00pm — Vehicle Break-in: 12th and Atlantic
1/25 9:30pm — Shooting / Weapons: 12th and Atlantic
1/27 1:45pm — Robbery: Beacon and Alaska
1/29 10:30am — Other: 32nd and Myrtle
1/29 12:30pm — Other: 13th and Atlantic
1/31 5:30pm — Vehicle Theft: Beacon and Morgan
2/1 3:45pm — Robbery: Beacon and Brandon
2/4 1:15pm — Vehicle Break-in: Beacon and Horton
2/5 2:30pm — Vehicle Break-in: 17th and Plum

* * *

Collen wrote to the mailing list about a daytime break-in on January 21st at 18th and College where they smashed the bathroom window and took a computer, several iPods, and a camera. He also mentioned that his girlfriend’s car window was smashed a few nights later nearby.

* * *

John Wright also wrote to the list about a car theft and recovery:

Just wanted to let you know that my friend’s car was stolen on Saturday, 1/23, between 10:30 p.m. and Midnight. It was a red 1998 Honda Civic 4-door. It was parked on 17th Ave S near Holgate. We didn’t hear anything, and our dogs (who bark at just about everything) did not make a peep.

It was recovered Sunday morning in the Bryn Mawr area of Renton. It was sitting in a ditch, stereo stolen, steering console trashed, windows open. Rear passenger door was tagged on the inside with a gang sign. They stole the De La Soul CD, but left behind the Nirvana and Nada Surf. 🙂

* * *

From SeattleCrime.com‘s Robbery Round-up:

January 15th, South Seattle: A man ran inside Cleveland High School and told officers working off-duty at a basketball game that he’d been carjacked at gun point. The man told police he was parked outside the school’s gym when two other men approached him, put a gun to his head and demanded his vehicle. The report says the victim told the robbers “he was ready to die” and to “go ahead and shoot if he was going to kill him.” The victim eventually handed over the car and the suspects drove off.

* * *

After the jump, two lists of very good advice from Felicia and Craig via the mailing list.
Continue reading Crime notes: Tips, burglaries, and more tips

Crime notes: Burglaries and poor pizza drivers

Yellow B's: burglaries, Orange: casing, Blue: vehicle theft
Burglary and theft “highlights” from bhnw.org:

  • 1/5, 5:30pm near 38th and Myrtle — Resident arrived home but just before going in saw a light come on inside when no one should be inside. Police caught one suspect behind the building, four more uninvited guests held within.
  • 1/7, 11:00am near 28th and Juneau — A U-Haul truck pulled up and two men went inside a house where normally the occupants are away during the day. One of the men let himself in through a window.
  • 1/8, 1pm near 24th and Walker — Beige Volvo stolen.
  • 1/8, 4:30pm near 17th and Spokane — Silent burglar alarm.
  • 1/11, 8:30pm near 19th and Lucile — Owner confronted a burglar in his backyard.
  • 1/12, 12:30pm near 18th and Bennett — Someone apparently casing homes.
  • 1/12, 1:45pm near 37th and Austin — Resident came home to apparent forced-entry burglary.
  • 1/13, 11:30am near 19th and Hanford– Burglar alarm, back window broken out. Suspects apprehended at the library.

* * *

Pity our poor Dominos drivers: The Unluckiest Delivery Driver in SeattleSeattleCrime.com

* * *

Cari wrote hoping someone might be able to help track down whomever busted into their house earlier this week:

My husband David and I moved to the area in October — love the neighborhood and how quiet it seemed around here…
[Monday] between 1pm and 8pm someone threw a rock through our back door and tore the house apart looking for cash. If anyone saw anyone coming or going from our house (bright orange house on SW corner of 19th and Waite) between those hours please call me or comment back to the blog. The police said there’s been an increase in this type of crime in the area lately, so obviously we’re not the only ones with this misfortune.

Also, I work from home several days each week and walk my dog, and keep an eye on the area — if others are home during the day and want to organize a daytime blockwatch, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing people again when the weather gets better – the block party in October was fun.

As Cari said, you can leave your information here, or call her directly at 206-234-5102.

Crime notes: Follow-ups, pay-phones and burglaries

Mike’s car (mentioned previously) and several others were recovered last Wednesday. It was apparently purloined by a person with a penchant for Subarus, having stolen several without damaging windows or steering locks, ditching one and taking another as-needed, and even leaving the ditched cars parked safely. Mike says:

It was left on a hill, with the tires turned towards the curb, with the brake set. Now that is a nice criminal. I could not find the note of apology though.

* * *

Daniel Hicks, charged with the murder of his girlfriend and baby daughter, to be extradited from Santa Cruz, CA.

* * *

The “magazine salesman” (previously) is apparently pretty well-known. His name is Darryl, and he’s been seen everywhere from Cheasty to 23rd and Horton to 18th and Plum to the Central District and Leschi, hawking subscriptions to normally-free magazines and newspapers.

* * *

SeattleCrime.com has an account of a robbery and possible attempted rape near Columbia Drive and South Ferdinand, in the middle of the day, two days before Christmas.

* * *

Craig Thompson reported to the mailing lists that the pay-phones outside the 76 station at Beacon and 14th, an attractant of nefariousness, have been removed, and the empty booths are soon to follow. Thanks, Craig!

* * *

A sampling of recent burglary activity recorded by bhnw.org:

All alarms on Thursday, 12/30:

  • 2:30pm @ 16th and College
  • 2:45pm @ 15th and Massachusetts
  • 3:00pm @ 23rd and Lucile
  • 3:45pm @ 19th and Raymond

Friday, 12/31:

  • 2:15pm @ 19th and Dawson — forced entry burglary

Monday, 1/4:

  • 10:30am @ Morse, off Cheasty — attempt forced entry burglary
  • 12:10pm @ 17th and Massachusetts — suspected burglary
  • 5:00pm @ 17th and Atlantic — forced entry burglary

Thanks again to the BHNW volunteer crew.

Crime notes: Faux-police, Sunday strangeness, scanner updates

Police Impersonator Robs Three Men in Beacon HillSeattleCrime.com

* * *

Some items of note from the BAN and Beaconhill mailing lists:

  • Katrina noted a dark teal Toyota Corolla being driven recklessly at high speeds around the neighborhood near 20th and Brandon recently.
  • Sometime overnight on the 26th, Mike’s white 1997 Subaru station wagon was stolen from where it was parked on 13th and Judkins.
  • Sunday evening, Mahalie and others along Cheasty had a suspicious visit from a supposed door-to-door magazine salesman.
  • Lindsay mentioned seeing a man driving slowly through the neighborhood near 15th and Dawson on Sunday in a tan Crown Victoria-like sedan, taking photos of houses. Willie wondered if he saw the same guy near 20th and Hanford the same night.
  • Hazel mentioned a neighbor’s property on 20th between Hinds and Spokane had been broken into on Sunday. Maryann responded that she’d seen a couple of kids in baggy clothing acting shifty as she walked along 19th near Spokane Street around 5 or 6pm that night.

* * *

Today’s bhnw.org’s scanner logs included reports of:

  • Houses being cased near 13th and Walker.
  • A burglary near Columbia Drive and South Pearl Street.
  • A forced-entry robbery with weapons at 24th and Graham, with a K-9 unit responding and Graham Street east and west of Beacon Avenue being closed for the search.
  • A broken window and signs of entry near 20th and Ferdinand.

Crime notes: Guns, cocaine, and SWAT response

On Christmas night, a suspect in a domestic violence incident fled as officers arrived at the scene near MLK Way and Juneau. The victim suggested the suspect might be found at a friend’s house at 22nd and Lucile. The SPD Blotter details the situation that followed:

Officers located the vehicle at that location within one minute of that information being broadcast. Once the house was surrounded, the officers could see an individual inside matching the suspect description.

Officers attempted to call the suspect inside, but it went straight to voice mail. A short time later, the resident’s cousin and his two children exited the residence and they stated that the suspect was inside.

The suspect still refused to answer his cell phone or to respond to hailing. At that point, the door of the residence was still open from the cousin exiting, so the officers formed a contact team and made entry to take the suspect into custody.

As the officers entered the residence to take the suspect into custody, they located a large quantity of narcotics (1/4 kilo of cocaine) and several weapons (Mak90 and Tec9) in plain view.

The suspect had retreated into the attic so the residence was locked down and SWAT was called out. SWAT responded to the scene and used a flash bang device thrown into the attic to get the suspect to respond and ultimately surrender.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary and Eluding. In addition, the home owner/resident was booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Violation of Uniform Control Substance Act and Violation of Firearms Control Act.

* * *

A sampling of recent burglaries logged at bhnw.org and reported on the mailing lists:

  • December 22nd, 8pm — 15th and College (reportedly one of many in that vicinity on this day)
  • December 23rd, 1pm — 17th and Shelton
  • December 26th, 10pm — Beacon and Holly

South-end teen crime gang busted

SeattleCrime.com is reporting that a gang of South Seattle teen burglars, possibly responsible for over 60 break-ins in Seattle and Renton since 2007, has been broken up by police and prosecutors.

Things sound like they began to crumble for them with missteps after a couple of Beacon Hill burglaries. From the article (emphasis added):

Police were certainly familiar with the seven young men. Melchor Lucas was arrested in November 2007 following a botched burglary in the 5500 block of Beacon Ave S. When police searched a van used in the burglary, they found a 9mm pistol, which belonged to Lucas, hidden inside of a teddy bear. Lucas was also put on a list of prolific burglars being targeted for aggressive prosecution. The 17-year-old boy was a suspect in at least 10 burglaries, records say; the 16-year-old had been Tased by officers after he was caught breaking into a home near Aki Kurose Middle School; and Lee was also on probation for illegally carrying a loaded handgun.

Read the full article at SeattleCrime.com.